CBD Hemp Oil Derivatives – Important Update

So, why is CBD hemp oil legal? Because it does not contain any drugs, chemicals or other additives that might be considered “regulated” under the Controlled Substances Control Act. The reason it’s not “regulated” is that it hasn’t been chemically altered like all the other parts of marijuana. Here are more details about cbd oils..

When I say “chemically altered”, I’m referring to how a compound has been changed from its original state, usually by adding some kind of catalyst. When you do this with a car, the car changes from a run-down, manual drive machine to an electric, super-fast one with high acceleration and speed. When you do this with a pharmaceutical drug, the drug changes from a compound that acts as a poison to a chemically altered molecule that can now enter into your bloodstream and go on to do things in your body. These changes happen without anyone’s knowledge or consent. It is called “chemistry” and it happens in plants, too.

In contrast, CBD hemp oil is a compound that is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. It’s derived from the mother plant’s cannula (the bulbous part at the end where the flower blossoms open) and contains high-quality fatty acids like Omega-3 and THC, which are the two primary active ingredients in marijuana. There are also other fatty acids in the plant, including several lesser-quality ones. All of these Cannabinoid Compounds interact to create the medicinal benefit we’re looking for. Click this link to learn more about cbd oils.

However, when you cook CBD oils, they don’t get broken down into simple compounds. Instead, they get mixed with the other fatty acids and the other chemicals found in the plant and produced into numerous derivatives. Many of these derivatives are carcinogenic. So, it is doubly important to use the highest-quality oil you can find when cooking with CBD.

While the United States government has officially stated that it will not interfere with the growing and selling of CBD hemp oil, local regulation still exists. For example, the state of Maine recently banned the sale of CBD, as did the city of Miami Beach. The municipalities that passed these bans claim that CBD is similar to drugs in the way that it affects the brain’s chemical system, which it does, but that there is no legitimate medical use for the compounds.

So, what does this mean to the average consumer? Basically, it means that you should be careful about buying CBD oils derived from cannabis plants unless they come from accredited facilities. Although many people believe that the United States government has not been unable to contain the powerful carcinogens within marijuana, it seems like they have been unable to contain CBD hemp oil derived from cannabis plants. Therefore, it is up to us to be diligent and insist on the best quality oil that we purchase. Find out more about this topic, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabinoid.

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